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This chunk of pipe is required – and may save you big dough

This unobtrusive white pipe is Code-mandated, and could save a homeowner thousands of dollars.

Our “tip of the week” this week is a little step almost all builds require that costs $20-$80, but may save thousands down the road.

We’re talking about what’s called a “soil gas extraction pipe.” It’s sometimes called a “radon pipe.”
Here’s why you need one (apart from the fact that it’s mandated by Code): one of the major threats to home safety is radon gas, which is a byproduct of uranium decay. Uranium is not as uncommon as one might think, and in some parts of our region – think Utopia – there’s enough uranium in the bedrock to contaminate well water.
Radon (as well as other gases) will percolate upwards through the soil, and can even move through the concrete of a basement floor.

Code requires that all slabs-on-ground in occupied uses (residential, commercial) have a vapour barrier separating the ground from the concrete. It also requires that a 4” pipe penetrate that vapour barrier at some point.

This is the soil gas extraction pipe.

If your home ever tests positive for radon or some other soil gas, it’s a simple thing to attach a fan to vent those gases through the pipe and to the grand outdoors: which is far cheaper than digging up a basement floor.

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