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Please display your permit

Today's post from our building inspection department is short and sweet - but important.
When you receive your building or development permit (they're printed on yellow paper) please post the permit in a prominent location.
This lets everyone know that you've been a good, law-abiding, permit-obtaining citizen.
It also does help our inspectors find your site when they are out and about doing field work.
Oh, yeah, it's also the law: by regulation, neighbours can appeal a building permit during  a period from 10 days after it's been posted. 
Now, we know that the lovely yellow paper doesn't fare well against wind, rain and the other elements: that's why, starting October, we started mailing permits with a handy-dandy plastic sheet .  Or, alternately, photocopy it place it on the inside of a window visible from the street.
Thanks - and happy building!