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ICF shear wall education session

Hey folks – the SNBSC building inspection department, in conjunction with Nudura and Bird Stairs, is pleased to announce a special education event for Monday July 11.

The topic will be the construction of shear walls under the Insulated Concrete Form Manufacturer’s Association (ICFMA) engineered design guide. The guide shows how to construct shear walls (above-ground ICF in seismic areas such as ours) and how to create openings in ICF walls closer than 1.2 m from corners.The session will cover not only Nudura, but QuadLock, SuperForm, Logix, BuildBlock and Fox Blocks systems.

Session will run from 9 am to 2 p.m., at the Hemlock Knoll Landfill. Lunch is provided.

Please pre-register by emailing  Space is limited, so it’s advised to register early.