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Drilling and notching

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A critical part of construction involves routing wires and pipes through a house or building. In some cases, this involves drilling holes through joists or studs to keep the wires/pipes out of the way of later drywalling activity. There is a limit, however, to what holes can be drilled through framing members. Holes Drilled in Framing Members

1) Holes drilled in roof, floor or ceiling framing members shall be not larger than one-quarter the depth of the member and shall be located not less than 50 mm from the edges, unless the depth of the member is increased by the size of the hole.

The hole for this pipe exceeds the allowed diameter for a 5.5" stud. It is also too close to the edge.

Our inspectors have also observed holes for plumbing – usually for draining toilets or showers - drilled through the top members of open-web joists in the floor system below. This requires the contractor to contact the joist manufacturer for an engineer-approved repair, at the contractor’s expense.

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