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Fundy Bay Planning Area Rural Plan

Draft Zoning map

A draft zoning map can be viewed or downloaded here

If there questions about a specific property, please contact Xander Gopen at or 506-466-3450.


The Fundy Bay LSD Advisory Committee requested that the SNBSC draft a rural plan to encompass the current LSD’s boundaries.  As it stands, Fundy Bay LSD has no rural plan. A rural plan is a land use planning tool that helps each community set goals and strategies about how it will grow and develop. It balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community.

Note: if the Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform adopts a rural plan for Fundy Bay LSD in 2022, it will only be transitional. A new elected Council will eventually make a new plan sometime in the five years after Fundy Bay LSD becomes incorporated into a larger municipality.  That new Council may take into consideration any existing plans before it repeals them to adopt its own plan. Having a rural plan already in-place could serve as a helpful guide to that new Council when it plans the future development of the Fundy Bay area.

What Does a Rural Plan Do?

  • Define and enhance community character;
  • Reflect land use concerns affecting social, economic and environmental issues;
  • Guide future development according to community need and direction;
  • Minimize the potential for conflicting land uses;
  • Protect land values; and
  • Establish formal public consultation opportunities for a community’s representatives, residents, land owners, organizations, and stakeholders, regarding the appropriateness of proposed land use changes to the area.

Contents of a Rural Plan

As outlined in section 52 of the Community Planning Act

  • Residential uses
  • Commercial uses
  • Institutional uses
  • Recreational facilities and public open spaces
  • Resource uses
  • Protection of water supplies
  • Heritage buildings and sites of historical or archeological interest
  • Conservation of the physical environment
  • Zoning provisions (and map) prescribing the purposes for which land, buildings, and structures in a zone may be used and prohibit the use of land, buildings, and structures for any other purpose

The objectives outlined in a rural plan are the goals of the community. They are a vision of where the community wants to see itself in the future. Some objectives may deal with preserving rural character, others with promoting orderly growth and still others with protecting the environment.

How is a Rural Plan created?

Creating a Rural Plan is a participatory process involving the whole community and is facilitated by the professional planning staff at the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission (SNBSC). Working with local residents and the LSD Advisory Committee members, a planner will help determine the community’s objectives and vision for social, economic and environmental land uses and how these activities will impact community planning in their area.  Dissemination of information is ongoing and all community members are encouraged to participate in the process of the development of the rural plan.

Later in the process of developing a rural plan, a formal public hearing will take place so the public can weigh-in on the plan prior to its adoption (or not). Before the hearing, a complete draft of the rural plan is circulated to various Provincial agencies and First Nations for comments. If the Minister of Local Government and Local Government Reform is satisfied with the proposed rural plan, it may be adopted as a local land use regulation.

Public presentation - March 23, 2022

Fundy Bay Survey

Click LINK B to fill out the Fundy Bay Rural Plan survey online.