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Zoning and plans

Several areas in our region, including all municipalities, have regulations that control use of land through application of what planners call "zones." This places potential land use into general categories, to define - for example - where businesses can operate. If you're thinking of building, check here first to find out what you can - and can't - do.

If your idea doesn't quite fit, don't fret: you may be able to ask for what's called a variance. This is an exemption from general rules. (Ask our planning department for more information.)

Municipal plans/zoning bylaws:

St. George Zoning By-Law
St. Andrews Zoning By-Law
Harvey Zoning Bylaw

Rural plans/zoning bylaws:

St. David Plan, and St. David Zoning map
Pennfield plan and Pennfield Zoning Map
Bayside Plan and Bayside Zoning Map
Chamcook Plan and Chamcook Zoning Map
Lepreau & Musquash Plan and Lepreau & Musquash Zoning map
St Croix Planning Statement
St. Croix corridor zoning regulation
St Croix Corridor Map

Everywhere else: