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Dufferin Rural Plan Update

December 15th 2021 - Public Hearing of Objections

On December 15th 2021 (6:30 PM) a Public Hearing of Objections was hosted online over Zoom by the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission. Click here LINK A to obtain a copy of the regulation, zoning map, and public notice.


Write in your comments, objections, support, or questions about the proposed rural plan, to: planning-urbanisme@GNB.CA until December 29th 2021.

Sept. 30th 2020 Community Q&A/Information Session

On September 30th 2020 at 7:00 pm the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission (SNBSC) held a community meeting for residents of Dufferin Local Service District (LSD). This was an opportunity to hear a presentation about the proposed rural plan and to ask questions and provide input. Video recording is below.


What is a Rural Plan?

A Rural Plan is a land use planning tool that helps each community set goals and strategies about how it will grow and develop. It balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community. The objectives outlined in a rural plan are the goals of the community. They are a vision of where the community wants to see itself in the future. Some objectives may deal with preserving rural character, others with promoting orderly economic growth, and still others with protecting the environment. Creating a rural plan is a participatory process involving the whole community and facilitated by the professional planning staff at the SNBSC.

A Rural Plan may:
  • Help establish some predictability about future development with different zones;
  • Minimize the possibility or impacts from conflicting land uses (large industry and residential);
  • Define and enhance Dufferin’s rural character;
  • Reflect land use concerns for social, economic and environmental matters;
  • Guide any future developments in a planned manner; and
  • Establish formal public consultation opportunities for a community on proposed land use changes to the area.

A Rural Plan does not:

  • Become forever set in stone – plans are periodically updated and can be amended for a specific proposal by Minister after a public hearing;
  • Apply retroactively to properties – anything existing that is not conforming to the new rural plan becomes "grand-fathered."
How is development regulated in Dufferin today?

Dufferin LSD has no rural plans except for the 30-meter setback from the St. Croix River. Other than that setback, any type of land use is permitted on any property in Dufferin LSD so long as other general laws and regulations that apply to the whole Province are followed. These general regulations include the Building Regulation and the Subdivision Regulation. These set basic requirements for building permits/inspections or standards for minimum lot size/types of access. Nothing currently regulates where different types of developments may occur in Dufferin LSD.  Effectively, this means that a heavy industrial use could be established almost anywhere in Dufferin LSD, as long as the operation meets the minimum requirements of the Clean Air Act, etc.

How is a Rural Plan developed?

Working with Dufferin’s LSD Advisory Committee members, a planner from the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission prepares a background research report and draft a rural plan for the Minister of Environment and Local Government to consider adopting. This is only after a public hearing takes place in accordance with Provincial legislation. All community members of Dufferin will be encouraged to participate in the process before this public hearing and to help inform the creation of a rural plan.