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Planning Services

The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission provides planning and development services to all the rural unincorporated areas of the region as well as the member municipalities of St. Stephen, Saint Andrews, St. George, Harvey and McAdam.

Planning is the way in which a local community guides its economic, social, and physical development. Planning involves the creation of a well-founded strategic vision for a community's development. Planning considers development of land, conservation, cultural resources, facilities, infrastructure, services, transportation and future growth. Planning is a process that relies on public participation and engagement of a wide variety of stakeholders. Planning is done with a view to promote the overall public interest.

Planning by-laws or regulations are the tool to ensure the vision for a community becomes a reality. The Rural Plan or Municipal Plan are the primary by-laws or regulations to guide and direct new development in a community. Building permits or subdivision approvals can only issued on the basis of compliance with all planning by-laws or regulations.

The staff at the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission provide professional planning services and development approvals. Applications for new building or developments in region or member are received directly by the Commission.

Planning By-laws or Regulations

Please contact a planner or development officer at the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission to understand how a planning regulation or by-law may apply to your property (506) 466-7369. The below list is for quick links and is not exhaustive and may not include all amendments.

Zoning By-laws for Specific Municipalities:

Village of McAdam Rural Plan By-law 58

Village of Harvey Rural Plan By-law 2019-5 

Town of St. George Zoning By-law 25B

Town of St. Stephen Zoning By-law No.Z-1

Town of Saint Andrews Zoning By-law Z18-04

Rural Plan Regulations for Specific Local Service Districts:

St. David Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and St. David Zoning map

Pennfield Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Pennfield Zoning Map

Bayside Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Bayside Zoning Map

Chamcook Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Chamcook Zoning Map

Lepreau Musquash Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Lepreau Zoning map

St. Croix Corridor Zoning Regulation and St. Croix Corridor Map

Planning Regulations Applicable to All Rural Areas:

Provincial Setback Regulation - 84-292

Provincial Building Regulation - 81-126

Building Regulation, 2002 - 2002-45

Building Permit Prerequisites Regulation – 2020-20

Provincial Subdivision Regulation -_80-159