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How to Apply?

All applications may digitally signed and emailed to along with attached images for any plans. After you email us your filled-out application form, someone from SNBSC will contact you to set up fee payment (credit card, etc.) and to let you know if your forms have the required basic information. Incomplete applications cannot be processed so please see Application Checklist. Development, construction, or sign installation, may only commence once you have been issued a valid permit or approval - a receipt from an application is not a permit.

In addition, please see our Matrix template for any large building projects which are complex Part 9 or Part 3 under the Code.

Not the land owner who is applying? Agent Authorization Form.

Types of Application Forms

  1. Development and Building Permit Application Form
  2. Building Permit Application Form (St. Stephen Only)
  3. Sign Permit Application
  4. Rezoning Application
  5. Variance Application
  6. Terms and Conditions
  7. Zoning Request Form
  8. Tentative Subdivision Application
  9. Electrical Waiver Application

Application Fees

Development and Building Permit Costs: Saint Andrews, St. George, McAdam, Harvey and non-incorporated areas:

Building Permit=$25.00 + $5.00/thousand; Development Permit=$50.00

St. Stephen Building Permit costs:  Call our office for more information

Fees for non-incorporated Areas:

Service Fee
Parcel (adding to property) $200.00
Documents (deeds, leases, exemptions, easements, mortgages) $100.00
Zoning Confirmation / Development Approval $100.00
All Variances (dimensional, temporary use, similar use, development officer) $250.00
Non-Conforming Use Application $250.00
Terms & Conditions Application $250.00
Subdivision Type 1 $200.00 + $25.00/lot
Subdivision Type 2 (road or private access) $500.00 + $50.00/lot
Subdivision Re-application Administration Fee $100.00
Temporary Permit $250.00
Building Permit $25 + $5/$1000 estimated cost.
Rezoning $1500.00
Client Requested Special PRAC Meeting $500.00

Related Applications

The Province has mandated that any construction within 30 meters of a designated collector road of highway must first obtain a certificate of setback from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. A copy - which may not be the most up-to-date - of the  Application for Certificate Of Setback can be downloaded here.  Note: this must be submitted directly to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Province has mandated that any soil disturbance within 30 meters of a designated wetland or watercourse must first obtain a Watercourse and Wetland Alteration ("WAWA") Permit from the Department of Environment and Local Government. Click here for the online WAWA permit application portal.